Security and Manpower

As security specialists, we're well aware of the huge risk a company makes in its employees and how important it is to be absolutely certain a candidate will be the best possible fit before an offer is extended. In such situations, our "temp-to-hire" arrangement provides you with a confident method of hiring new security. As a Manpower-assigned employee, a candidate will work in the position for a designated period of time during which performance and fit can be assessed.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services division is responsible for the upkeep of Offices, Hospitals, Pubs, Hotels, Cineplex’s, IT Parks, Airports, Libraries and Industrial Units. Services rendered include daily cleaning, vacuuming, trash removal, floor care, restroom cleaning and interior glass cleaning of the premises.The company offers a one-stop solution to all housekeeping needs. Our trained manpower with sophisticated equipment consistently delivers way.

Outsourcing Services

As more and more projects get completed in outsourced environments, the cutting edge technology associated with their conclusion is morphing to deliver an even higher degree of efficiency. At Spy Care we realize that if our clients are to reap the full benefits of outsourcing, we have to be in total sync with their requirements and the pressures and deadlines they face.

About Us

Spycare Management Services Pvt Ltd., incorporated in 2013 in Hyderabad . SpyCare with its extensive resources and reputation that expanded across twin states Telangana , Andhrapradesh and Karnataka. The two professional resources having over 20 years of industry experience are responsible for building the company from the ground up.

Their Innovative Modus Operandi, quickly grew in the competitive edge of retail security, facility management and outsourcing of manpower service sector. read more

Why Us

We are having our own guards training academy in which all our guards are thoroughly trained by professional retd. Army coaches in various security related subjects.

A special cell of 1-3 will be formed out of existing force to prevent Theft and Pilferage especially at vital points and check posts.

Our officers impart training to all our guards in detecting and defusing bombs. A special cell of 1-6 will be created out of existing force to detect and diffuse the bombs. Guards will be trained in (a) detecting, (b) caller Line identification, (c) place of call, (d) age and sex identification, (e) demands of the caller etc.